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Our passion for “manufacturing” cultivated throughout a history of more than 120 years and summarized in video.
Take a look at our historical Kurume Plant and our commitment to “Made in Japan” products.

Commitment to “Made in Japan” (from sewing to processing)

ASAHI SHOES, LTD. has continued its tradition of advancing shoemaking technology called vulcanization that is rare in Japan. Rubber is vulcanized and casted by applying heat and pressure for about one hour in a vulcanizer with temperatures reaching 100 degrees or more. This manufacturing method includes the features of keeping shape better and fitting comfortably to feet, and each shoe is carefully manufactured.

Our company adopts a PU (polyurethane) injection molding machine to produce luxury shoes (leather shoes) and lady’s shoes (waterproof design). As a PU (polyurethane) sole is molded by a chemical reaction (bubble release) of materials, it is extremely light and superior in flexibility. Furthermore, it has superior adherence properties and waterproof properties due to integrated molding.

We will continue to pass down a tradition of shoemaking technology cultivated for more than 120 years, utilizing the value of domestic production to protect feet health and meet the expectations of customers through “attractive products” and a “detailed supply system” in the future.

Production process (vulcanization)
Production process (vulcanization)
Rubber products
  • Raw material (natural rubber and synthetic rubber)Raw material (natural rubber and synthetic rubber)
  • Rubber mixingRubber mixing
  • The sole is completed.The sole is completed.
Upper sewing
  • Cutting (leather and cotton cloth)Cutting (leather and cotton cloth)
  • Sewing that requires dozens of processesSewing that requires dozens of processes
  • The upper is completed.The upper is completed.
Assembly process
  • HangingHanging
  • BottomingBottoming
  • Vulcanization (apply heat and pressure)Vulcanization (apply heat and pressure)
  • Delivery to a customer after inspection and packingDelivery to a customer after inspection and packing
PU injection molding machine
  • Injection molding machineInjection molding machine
  • Shoes hanging in the machineShoes hanging in the machine
  • Injection (inject the material)Injection (inject the material)
  • Delivery to a customer after inspection and packingDelivery to a customer after inspection and packing
The Kurume Plant with a history of more than 120 years since its foundation

The Kurume Plant is located on the bank of the Chikugo River (the first-class river) that flows through the Chikugo Plain and is next to the JR Kurume Station. This is the gateway to Kurume City.