Business Express

Waterproof revolution  Shuts out water Comfortable and waterproof shoes for businessmen

  • GORE-TEX Fabrics support your walking on rainy and snowy days.

  • GORE-TEX Fabrics:
  • The functionality of GORE-TEX Footwear keeps feet dry with GORE-TEX Fabrics (GORE-TEX Membrane laminated with a highly functional fabric) which combine waterproofness and breathability. The GORE-TEX Membrane is an extremely thin film-like material and has numerous pores, the size of each pore being smaller than water droplets but larger than water vapor, so water droplets do not penetrate but water vapor of the sweat escapes. Even on rainy days comfort is ensured inside of the shoes without getting wet.

  • Meshed GORE-TEX laminate material and sole polyurethane material forming a unit part Seams firmly guarded with GORE-SEAM ® Tape
  • Liner injection method
  • Special finishing of “Business Express”

  • Water repellent finishing

    Even a rainy day is comfortable because the shoes, treated with resin, repel water.

  • Para-Water Leather

    Even a rainy day is comfortable because the shoes, treated with a special resin, repel water. For a heavy rain, use of a commercially available waterproof spray improves its effect.

  • PU Direct

    This integral molding bonds strongly the upper and sole, thus making the bottom difficult to peel off.

  • Antimicrobial and antifungal effects in standing up to over 372 bacterial species

    KOHKINMASTER™ with antibacterial and antifungal effects in standing up to 372 bacterial species has high effectiveness and sustainability.

  • High safety achieved as an antibacterial product

    It offers high levels of safety meeting the standards of the public institution, Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA).

  • Excellent practicality and environmental safety

    The product is safe in terms of environment and is halogen-free, so it has superior environmental safety features compared with conventional antimicrobial and mildew-proofing agents.

  • Comfortable structure of “Business Express”

  • Miracle Wave Sole

    ASAHI's original manufacturing method of blending glass fibers exerting excellent grip power on ice with special rubber having differences in hardness. Glass fibers, arranged perpendicular to a road surface demonstrate a powerful grip. In addition, a waved shape (waveform) design is excellent for multidirectional grip (Japanese Patent No. 5305196).

  • This all-around sole functions not only on ice but also on slippery floors.
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