Unique kid’s shoes that realize a near-barefoot sensation

Features of the ASAHI KENKO-KUN for babies

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      Footgrapher® adopted

    2. 2

      Thinned main sole

    3. 3

      Superior breathability

    4. 4

      No-return magic

    5. 5

      Heel counter/Material in heel area

    6. 6

      Expancel compounded

    7. 7

      Flat baby insole/outsole designed exclusively for babies

  • Footgrapher® adopted

    Footgrapher® adopted

    ASAHI KENKO-KUN for babies was developed based on the foot type measurement data of approximately 60,000 children.
    It improves fitting performance to promote the correct arch formation of each foot.

  • Thinned main sole

    Thinned main sole

    Thinned sole is adopted to realize an environment similar to being barefoot.

  • Superior breathability

    Superior breathability

    The stuffiness in shoes is reduced by sticking materials with superior breathability.
    And shock is reduced by combining low-resistance materials with differences in hardness.

  • No-return magic

    No-return magic

    A band never returns in this design.
    As the band attaching portion is stretchable, you can arrange the band to fit any foot.

  • Heel counter / Material inside heel area

    Heel counter / Material inside heel area

    The large in-counter was adopted to keep the stability of the heel.
    And a grippy material has been adopted for the inside of the heel area to securely hold the heel.

  • Expancel compounded

    Expancel compounded

    Ultralight Expancel-compounded rubber has been adopted for outsoles.

  • Flat baby insole/outsole designed exclusively for babies

    The angle of the toe area is set to a moderate kick-up angle to prevent stumbling.
    And as the inside of the shoe is almost flat, it places little pressure on immature feet.

  • Flat baby insole/outsole designed exclusively for babies
  • Shoes have been developed based on medical analysis walking data for everyone’s health.

    School Corporation Nagoya Isen Professor Doctor of Medicine Shunji Sako

    We have conducted research activities under the theme of shoes, walking and health and applied the results in joint research with ASAHI SHOES, LTD. to engage in the supervision and guidance of product development of “Kaiho Shugi” and “ASAHI KENKO-KUN.”
    Deformities in toes and feet can be found in the early stages of growth. And as growing feet are easily influenced by external environments (in particular, the shape of shoes), it is important to create an external environment for child’s soft delicate feet in which the skeletal structure is not completed. The health of feet is directly linked to the health of body and mind, and also it is important to select shoes appropriate for each child’s growth as a part of child-rearing while creating healthcare habits of a child’s foot together with a child.