Kaiho Shugi

No.1 brand in the health and comfort shoes market: Shoes that make you feel more invigorated.

※Statistics published by Shoes Post in 2012

Features of the Kaiho Shugi (5 points about feet-friendly shoes)

    1. 1

      Support your walking by controlling your shift in weight

    2. 2

      As light as floating on water

    3. 3

      Peace of mind with less stumbling

    4. 4

      Easy to put on and take off

    5. 5

      Made in japan, for peace of mind and safety

  • Weight shift control to support walking

  • As people age, their skeletal framework changes., Leg bones tend to become bowlegged and body weight is tilted outwards, increasing the load on the legs and knees.→Walking becomes less stable, with a greater tendency to stumble.
  • Foot-On Controller System
  • As light as floating on water

    ※The material is not waterproof.

    Extremely lightweight expancel-infused rubber is used in the soles to reduce foot stress.

  • Peace of mind with less stumbling

    Our shoes are designed to curl upwards 20 mm at the tip of the toes and 12 mm at the heel, to help prevent stumbling. This leads to smoother surface contact and stride.

  • Easy to put on and take off

    The top part of the shoes features a hook-and-loop fastener that opens wide, making it simple to take off and put on your shoes.

  • Made in japan, for peace of mind and safety

    All Kaiho Shugi products are made in Japan. We meticulously manage the quality of our shoes at our factory in Kurume.

※The designs of some products may differ, and some features may not be available.
※Because these shoes are mass produced, there may be slight variations from the dimensions given in the descriptions.

  • Shoes designed and developed based on medical analysis walking data for everyone’s health.

    Shunji Sako

    As people grow older, their muscular strength deteriorates, and they become less able to retain balance using their lower limbs, which results in an unstable gait. Kaiho Shugi shoes have been clinically researched and developed to be easy on the body, making it a joy to walk.